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Peter Castellana Realty NYC

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Peter Castellana Realty NYC is a Real Estate Investment firm is a one stop investment firm for clients who are wanting to create long term wealth by making the most of today’s real estate investment opportunities.

At Peter Castellana Realty NYC our long term investment philosophy is centered on improving the quality of properties so they achieve optimum value. Our company is based on the following principles:

Building a Team You Can Trust

We have built a great team of professionals who all bring different skills and experiences to the table. Due to these differing skills we are able to put those differing skills to use helping us to find those properties with the most potential to increase in value.

Because of the various experiences of our team members we are able to look at the properties under consideration to purchase with a fresh perspective.

We Establish Firm Long Term Goals

One our principles here at Peter Castellana Realty NYC we don’t invest in property for the short term, but rather set long term goals. Our goals center mainly on purchasing high quality properties and improving both their quality and performance to make the most of each property’s income potential.

We focus on mixed-use assets in different dynamic markets targeting those income producing and value add properties that help to grow our portfolios.

We Do Our Due Dilligence

Before we purchase any property we do our due diligence. We spend time analyzing the neighborhood the property is in as well as thoroughly checking the property itself and the property’s record. We make sure each property we invest in is solid and offers great income potential.

We Never Risk More Than We Can Afford

To us investing in income property should not be about gambling away our capital. While there is always some risk involved in any investment we never risk more of our capital than we can afford to risk. And we keep our risk to a minimum by following all of our other principles, which when all combined actually does lower the risk for any property we invest in.

We Diversify

When it comes to purchasing investment properties we don’t just buy one type of property, but rather we diversify the types of properties we purchase giving us a more balanced investment. Our investment properties include single family homes, multifamily homes, retail, hospitality, industrial, and office buildings as well.

Location is Key

As anyone who invests in real estate knows Location is the key to successful real estate investing. Location is more than finding a property in the best neighborhood. It is also finding the right type of property in the right place. For example, an industrial building may be in a great neighborhood, but if that neighborhood is mainly residential and don’t like an industry in their neighborhood it may be a poor investment property for us to purchase.

If you are looking for the best partner for your real estate investment then why not visit us at

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