5 Tips to Build an Ultra-Flattering Wardrobe

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With its glamorous advertisements and retail locations filled with dazzling amounts of inexpensive merchandise, fast fashion is a constant temptation. Most of us have had weak moments when we buy that neon yellow dress straight off the rack because “it’s so cheap!” We all know the destiny of those pieces—taking up precious space on our closet floors.

Fast fashion is fun sometimes, but it shouldn’t be the foundation of your wardrobe. “Focus on classic pieces that go with your existing wardrobe and will last you a really long time,” suggests Sophie Mae, the premiere stylist to the busy working professionals of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and New York City. Sophie Mae has dedicated her career to helping her clients cultivate and embrace their personal sense of style.

“If you have a closet full of mediocre items of clothing, it’s not going to make you feel good when you get dressed in the morning,” she says. Having organized hundreds of closets over the course of her career, Sophie Mae knows which pieces are essential to a functional, flattering wardrobe. If you constantly feel like you have “nothing to wear,” consider five of Sophie Mae’s tips for building a wardrobe that will always make you look your best.

  1. Organize your closet.
    You can’t wear what you can’t see. When you pare down your wardrobe, “you’re actually going to wear the things you didn’t know you had in your closet because you can actually see them,” says Sophie Mae.
  2. Find the perfect bra.
    A good bra is the foundation for a flattering outfit. In Sophie Mae’s experience, “Most women are wearing the wrong bra size.” She suggests getting a fitting and investing in a high quality bra that will look great under most outfits.
  3. Buy a versatile, fitted blazer.
    A fitted blazer serves any wardrobe well, no matter what your lifestyle is like. It makes any outfit, formal or casual, look put-together in an instant.
  4. Find a great pair of dark wash denim.
    Whether you dress them down with a white tee and sneakers or pair them with a silk camisole for a night out, a pair of perfectly fitting, dark wash denim will always look chic.
  5. Invest in high quality, classic pieces.
    When Sophie Mae styles her clients, she focuses on incorporating timeless, well made pieces. It takes more effort to stock your closet with these classic items, but it will pay off when you always have a flattering outfit to wear.


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