New York Attractions: Top 6 Places to Visit in 2017

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There are  many parks, rivers and beaches in New York, so enjoy spending some time outdoors.

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Central Park

The 843-acre green belt in the heart of the city, has a zoo, a reservoir, a theatre, miles of paths, acres of grassland perfect for picnics and, not least, the romantic Boathouse Restaurant (212 517 2233;


Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty cruise
Love cruises? Take a cruise around the Statue of Liberty and then a tour of Ellis Island.


Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a 1,595ft-long suspension bridge, an iconic symbol of New York City. You’ll be able to enjoy the view as you walk at your own pace.


New York Botanical Garden

Set in 250 acres of Bronx Park, New York’s largest public garden and National Historic Landmark. Take in the beautiful views of lawns, lakes, conservatories, greenhouses, 50 garden and plant collections, and even a forest preserved since pre-settler times. There are year-round talks and exhibitions, and classes on everything from wood crafting to herb maintenance.

Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is the biggest zoo in the city, and best outing for kids. Bison, tigers, pandas, elephants, lemurs, leopards, African wild dogs, weird frogs – there are some 600 animal species. Kids will love the Bug Carousel ride and seeing exotic creatures on the Wild Asia Monorail.


Brighton Beach

This beachfront south Brooklyn suburb, accessed by the B and Q trains from Manhattan, is home to some 150,000 Russian and Ukrainian immigrants. The boardwalk and backstreets are lined with dozens of Russian shops and restaurants, every sign is in Cyrillic. Dine on lamb kebabs, caviar and vodka at legendary Tatiana, a restaurant right on the boardwalk.

I enjoyed visiting these attractions when I was younger and look forward to a year full of new adventures.  Let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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