New York Musician Giving Out Free Tickets To Big Show

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Anyone can win free tickets to the show by just signing up for the artist’s mailing list

New York, USA: Today, Chapell, a New York musical artist announced that he is giving out free tickets to a big music show in New York. To win the free tickets, just sign up for the mailing list on the website
Chapell has just finished work on his debut album, which included Talking Head’s Jerry Harrison in the helm of production duties.

Of Chapell’s music Brook Anastasia from the roots said “His new album The Redhead’s Allegations is “retro-modern rock” and stimulates a feeling of a timeless New York City. The songs on his new album are engaging and catchy.”

About Chapell
Chapell is one of the fastest rising musician, singer, and songwriter in the New York Music scene. He just finished is debut album The Redhead’s Allegations, with tracks available online. To win free tickets to see him perfect in a big show in New York, please visit and sign up for the mailing list.

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