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We’ll soon launch the NYF Network – Pro Membership!

Why choose the NewYorkFollow professional network service? is built specifically for emerging talents, agents, pr/marketing agencies/managers, brands and business owners. With your personalized page, news, events and listings, you can easily and quickly grow your audience or attract new clients.

  1. Get a Personalized Page. As a Pro member, you get the Follow button to build an email list right from your page (Get an update list every month). In addition, an email notification is sent out to your followers each time you post an event, listing and news.  *Agencies can submit unlimited “Person” pages and posts on behalf of talents or brands.

2. Submit Unlimited Posts. All events, listings and news are shared with NewYorkFollow networks and groups for even more exposure.

3.  Promoted in NYF Monthly Resource Guide. Every month, starting the 1st month of launch, you’ll receive a request to send us an event and a listing for inclusion in the New York Follow Monthly Resource Guide (Featured News, Upcoming Events, and Listing Promos) that is sent to all NYF followers/subscribers (24,000+ subscribed email list – as a digital magazine – also available in print). If you have nothing to add in a month we’ll simply give you a free ad space.


Membership cost is only $44/month or $480.00/year

Interested? We have space available!

Members are currently adding their content during pre-launch.



Chardon Nicholas

Founder of New York Follow

Strategic Planning & Marketing  & Website Coordinator

[email protected]