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If you are visiting a NYC Psychiatrist for major depression and those traditional depression medications don’t seem to work the future can sometimes appear to be hopeless. Which is why it is important to know that there is an alternative to standard psychiastrist treatments. TMS or Transcrainal Magnetic Stimulation is a viable and alternative treatment that can provide some patients relief from major depression.

Best of all the foremost authority in TMS has his offices right here in NYC. Dr. Robert D. McMullen.

What is TMS?

TMS is a FDA approved treatment for depression and may also be used as a treatment for obsessive/compulsive disorder and for Parkinson’s disease. TMS consists of sending magnetic pulses into the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It usually requires 20 to 20 TMS treatments done over a 4 to 6 week period for the treatment of depression.

Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes, with few patients suffering from any discomfort. Best of all unlike traditional medication, TMS has few side effects other than a mild headache. In rare cases, a patient may have an epileptic seizure.

If your Psychiastrist recommends you see Dr. McMullen about TMS all you need to do is make an appointment to discuss if TMS is right for you.

Patients who respond the best to TMS treatments are those between the ages of 25 and 75, still find themselves experiencing normal moods at least occasionally and have at least occasionally responded to more traditional medications.

Why Dr. Robert D. McMullen

While there are a number of places in NYC that offers TMS Dr. Robert D. McMullen’s practice is considered one the best. His staff is dedicated to making each and every patient feel as comfortable as possible when receiving TMS treatments.

Dr. McMullen and his staff has over 6 years of experience in TMS and offers 2 TMS treatment options, the standard TMS treatments most practioners use and deep TMS. By offering two kinds of treatment Dr. McMullen is able to meet the needs of more patients.

In addition, after treating over 200 patients over 50% of his patients are in complete remission from their depression and many others feel significantly better.

Dr. McMullen will also work closely with your psychiatrist to see that you get the best overall care for your depression.

Continued Psychiatric Treatment

Do keep in mind that along with your TMS treatments you need to continue with your Psychiatric treatments as well. While some patients do forego continuing their taking their anti-depressants, other continue to do so, especially if they have had at least limited success when taking their medication. You also want to continue talking to your psychiatrist as this combined with your TMS treatments will give you the best chance of dealing with your depression.

If you or someone your know is suffering from chronic depression and your medications is giving you the results you want then talk to your NYC psychiatrist to see if you are a viable candidate for TMS. To learn more about how TMS works then visit our website at or give Dr. Robert D. McMullen MD a call at 212-362-9635.

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