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Ayşe Reid (also known as Ayşe Reid-Wolfe as of late) is quite the remarkable visionary for her age. Born and raised in New York City, with a brief kindergarten experience in Europe as a child, Ayşe’s approach to art is both refined and eclectic all at once. We know her as TeenVogue’s Girl of The Week in the early 2000’s and have seen her work hair flipping miracles in Loreal’s Dark and Lovely commercials.

But what is she doing now? When we last spoke with Ayşe she was taking time off from acting to focus on developing her career as a performance artist.

She says, “I’ve always loved acting. I grew up in theater; I was a “theater geek” and proud to be one! But right now I’m focusing on putting up three performance art pieces in New York City before the year is up, which is no small task. The themes vary from religion, sexuality, perception, to history, absurdism, and human psychology in general…it’s all about creative experimentation for me right now and pushing my limits.”

Ayşe’s work has been featured on blogs, Brooklyn galleries, and in online social platforms. We are looking forward to seeing what this young future Marina Abramovic has in store for New York City this year and in the future.

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