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About MeBill McManus, LCSW is an experienced psychotherapist located in the Flatiron District of NYC.

He studied psychology at New York University and graduated from The Training Institute For Mental Health where he went through a 4-year advanced training in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy.


As a psychotherapist, he will help you through your problems by understanding your moods, thoughts, feelings and behaviors and help you work through them.

With the psychotherapeutic process, you will understand why you act, react, and feel the way you do. You will develop healthier ways to deal with life’s difficult issues and stressors, and you will work to enhance your inner resources. Learn more about psychotherapy services in NYC

His approach is solution-oriented and he sees therapy as a process for change and not just a process of gaining insight.

Bill McManus, LCSW is conveniently located in NYC’s Flatiron district. To Schedule an Appointment With call 917-842-7944 or Visit

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