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How would you describe “No Hassle” as a brand?


Are you from New York? 

I was born in Mass then moved to Hawaii for a few years but I grew up in North Carolina

What was your first car?

I had a 94 Legend, you couldn’t tell me nothing! I messed it up trying to trick it out I was like 16 

Where do you find your inspiration from?

Experiences in life, things that catch my eye in the streets or online. Whatever is real to me. 

Is each collection made and manufactured here in New York?

Don’t consider them “collections” more so collectibles. The newest piece was designed and made in NYC 

What sparked your interest in design? 

I think it’s one of those things I’d have an opinion on regardless. From gear to furniture or whatever. Creating in general is just a lot of fun. 

If you had the choice of all designers in the world to work with/for, what person would be your choice??

Probably Bernardo Rodrigues on a home 

What are some of your interest outside of fashion? 

It’s sort of hilarious to be interviewing about fashion when I’m truly not part of it. I enjoy watching sports and documentaries. Getting my real estate license and writing some these days. 

Do you have a favorite musician or album? 

Al Green greatest hits 

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about New York?

New York carries this intangible buzz that inspires you to create and work towards your bigger dreams. Also MoCADA is really  great

Least favorite is probably the daily traffic/subway. I’m more of the get in my car and go to the store type so I miss that part about Carolina. I’m about to travel for a bit to get away 

There’s been a lot of media attention about Donald Trump winning the presidential election, how has it affected you?

I’ve seen protests in the streets, it’s online heavy. Trump is a straight businessman. We’ve never had that in office. You make your own luck. Trump isn’t affecting my business either way. I’d prefer not to get political here

What upcoming projects should our readers look out for?

Drawers. Important as any outfit to me. The material is A1 and designed with a pocket for what you need to stash. Spend on your underwear 2017

What retailers/stores in New York can our readers purchase the brand? 

What’s a favorite quote/mantra do you live by?

“I have no control over anybody” – AA