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New Album: “Shaken Not Stirred” (Part I) Available Online Now!


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In early 2011, Devin found himself outside the Long Island home he grew up in, watching it engulfed by flames. With a desire to pursue his dream in music, left with no possessions and no home, Devin migrated to Brooklyn looking to pave the way for his performing career.

Possibly hitting every open mic New York City had to offer, Devin soon found himself with his first club residency at the late “Somethin’ Jazz Club.” There he created and developed his band “The Secret Service.”

Devin worked the New York City club scene, developing monthly residencies and selling out multiple shows at The Metropolitan Room, Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Sullivan Hall, McKittrick Hotel & Ella Lounge. While at the Metropolitan Room, it was there he garnered press from Broadway World, New York Times & Huffington Post for his show “Mixology.” In 2014, Devin received “Hot House Jazz” magazine’s Best Male Vocalist award.

While building his robust New York following, Devin started developing and conceptualizing his self-produced full length record, “Shaken Not Stirred,” A conceptually structured piece, Devin began experimenting with elements of movie scoring infusing it with his piano based songwriting.

“I wanted to bring back the art of the full album, while each song has its own singular appeal, cohesively they tell a story. I take a very visual approach to writing, and sonically I imagined a piece that would take the listener through an epic tale of lust, love and the pursuit of destiny.” – Devin Bing

In June 2016 Devin released (Part I) of “Shaken Not Stirred,” which he received a Global Music Award. “Shaken Not Stirred : Deluxe” is set to be released January 20th, 2017.



“Blessed with his own sound, I can’t imagine a fan not taken hostage by an earful of Bing! Devin must be seen live to capture the excitement he generates!” – Huffington Post

“Smooth as a Martini.” – New York Times

“Devin Bing’s original songs already sound like they’re standing the test of time.” – Broadway World

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