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Young Russian director Yulia Matsiy studied in Italy, lives in NYC. She graduated from NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Film & New Media. She currently works freelance with numerous ad and communication agencies. In 2012, she served on the young people’s jury at the Milan Filmmaker Film Festival.

Prizes and acknowledgements:
•    “Best Subject” Prize at the Instant Movie Festival 2013 – Milano 48 ore –for the short film I’m going just for a weekend (on LGBT issues).
•    Special Mention for the short film Konstantin (on LGBT issues) along with the projection of three of her short films at the festival “Tracce Cinematografiche Film Festival” in the city of Nettuno, Italy, 2013.
•    Festinal Winner with the First Place Prize for 60 seconds against lesbianphobia Arcilesbica Zami, Milan, Italy, 2010.
•    “Audience Choice” Award for the short film Gamble – Let’s Bet You Do It, Milan, Italy, 2010.
Her work has participated in the following festivals and cinema events: VII Rassegna SteNik 2013 (Aprilia); Camaiore Film Festival 2013 (Camaiore); Festival delle Culture Indipendenti 2013 (Rome); Horror Project Festival 2013 (Rome); Videomaker Film Festival 2013 (Casalnuovo di Napoli) G.A.L.P. Italia 2012.
Select short films are available on VIMEO.

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